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v5bcvbob电竞体育k43kcbob电竞体育ddA6w  And so 'tis with many a wonder,9RYWMY  And from the winter this mound kindly hath screen'd him at last.yOr

43w  One true look at length to find,That its worth can rightly treasure.Mvbob电竞体育

sq8bpbob电竞体育5rldsbob电竞体育AA5nk  Then I looked upon the beauteous quietThat on her sweet eyelids was reposingOn her lips was silent truth depicted,On her cheeks had loveliness its dwelling,And the pureness of a heart unsulliedIn her bosom evermore was heaving.All her limbs were gracefully reclining,Set at rest by sweet and godlike balsam.Gladly sat I, and the contemplationHeld the strong desire I felt to wake herFirmer and firmer down, with mystic fetters.ObNNZk  That is repugnant to his heart.6DJy

RpSEG  E'en I have oft with ling'ring and delayShunn'd many an influence, not to be defil'd.sAgbob电竞体育

b39g3bob电竞体育u3kq2bob电竞体育CnEk2  With hollow eyes. and grinning all;They bade him taste the fare.ZpLMbL3  A nothing, a mere chance, oft gives him life again.bS

R9q  If his flight the huntsman aids.BObob电竞体育

4cx5ebob电竞体育jg9drbob电竞体育N1  How plain and heightWith dewdrops are bright!How pearls have crown'dThe plants all around!How sighs the breezeThro' thicket and trees!How loudly in the sun's clear raysThe sweet birds carol forth their lays!iwvxwMmL  I know nought poorerUnder the sun, than ye gods!Ye nourish painfully,With sacrificesAnd votive prayers,Your majesty:Ye would e'en starve,If children and beggarsWere not trusting fools.CnIVO

0B2o  And the rocks gave back the song,So la, Ia! &c.ThGbob电竞体育

bw8axbob电竞体育n5ey9bob电竞体育kpN  WITH many a thousand kiss not yet content,vmnx7dnK  THE mist is fast clearing.And radiant is heaven,Whilst AEolus loosensOur anguish-fraught bond.The zephyrs are sighing,Alert is the sailor.Quick! nimbly be plying!The billows are riven,The distance approaches;I see land beyond!PNXA

Ma1st  "Yes, dear mother, you're right!" the son with vivacity answer'dYes, it is she! And unless this very day I conduct herHome as my bride, she will go on her way and escape me for ever,In the confusion of war, and in moving backwards and forwards.Mother, then before my eyes will in vain he unfoldedAll our rich estate, and each year henceforward be fruitful.Yes, the familiar house and the garden will be my aversion.Ah, and the love of my mother no comfort will give to my sorrow,For I feel that by Love each former bond must be loosen'd,When her own bonds she knits; 'tis not the maiden alone whoLeaves her father and mother behind, when she follows her husband.So it is with the youth; no more he knows mother and father.When he beholds the maiden, the only beloved one, approaching.Therefore let me go hence, to where desperation may lead me,For my father already has spoken in words of decision,And his house no longer is mine, if he shuts out the maidenWhom alone I would fain take home as my bride from henceforward."CVpG0bob电竞体育

x03w6bob电竞体育wg07xbob电竞体育VGg6  And nestled in its vacancy.JOKWl8v  1807.-----sf

Xjfyy  When at length the sun, in hated splendour.Fell upon my walls, upon my windows,Up I sprang, and hasten'd to the garden,There to blend my breath, so hot and yearning,With the cool refreshing morning breezes,And, it might be, even there to meet thee:But I cannot find thee in the arbour,Or the avenue of lofty lindens.zbuBIbob电竞体育

t2zhybob电竞体育3r53vbob电竞体育I7bD  Looks she in,--and oh!azzwUSQ6  LIGHT and silv'ry cloudlets hoverqX

c17i  When the nightingale is singingW4jbob电竞体育

m5hl5bob电竞体育4y08nbob电竞体育c73  Hath, then, Amor the rogue cheated, Aurora, e'en thee?Thou dost appear to me now as his friend, and again dost awake meui4H4rg2W  To the strand! quick, mount the bark!U1lSO

9Usd  My maiden she proved false to me;fkQ1bob电竞体育

0vetibob电竞体育bgo2ebob电竞体育Ctb  IN spreading mantle to my chin conceald,SDjzxAc  In bushes, in the field,Within the wall, in caves,0XpP

hlx  Chain'd by a silk-thread at her feet.N21xtbob电竞体育

bl71tbob电竞体育vvbrobob电竞体育MaKst  MILLSTREAM.XQ8v5p  Hearest thou? A loving pairFain would to the altar fare;Yes! a pair in happy youth,Full of virtue, full of truth.Is the hour not fix'd by fate?Say, how long must they still wait?Hark! cuck-oo! hark! cuck-oo!Silent yet! for shame, cuck-oo!e4H

wyOI  All alike are radiant and serene;When thou tak'st one to thine heart with truth,b7ybob电竞体育

w4j3fbob电竞体育fy46wbob电竞体育40zq  For all things useless I to thee have said,GcOTc1  SOLO.UHZ2b

Gz7W  Came to join my dinner table;For the nonce they lived united,kHXbob电竞体育

iwimfbob电竞体育qnm4gbob电竞体育wGId  He lights in the glow;They clasp him and kiss himzfrlZF0z  I a landlord's business bought.There I've done, with all due ardour,XujXK

lr  Laugh'd at heart and ribbons too,--Still 'twas Ia! le ralla, &c.5ZWbob电竞体育

q6snybob电竞体育b9jcqbob电竞体育Jb  Into the flood below.0aPOxr  Partially comforted, then his neighbour mounted the carriage,Sitting like one prepared to make a wise jump, if needs be,And the stallions, eager to reach their stables, coursed homewards,While beneath their powerful hoofs the dust rose in thick clouds.Long there stood the youth, and saw the dust rise before him,Saw the dust disperse; but still he stood there, unthinking.-----VII. ERATO.J9Pq

waUR  1815.-----THE REUNION.mznObob电竞体育

yyk8sbob电竞体育pdgjabob电竞体育4T5  See where a spirit-racepGSq87zUF  [Another of the love-songs addressed to Frederica.]FEY

pD7  1775.-----TO CHARLOTTE.jxUtbob电竞体育

3swb4bob电竞体育2siembob电竞体育4e41  ONE day a shameless and impudent wightWent into a shop full of steel wares bright,Arranged with art upon ev'ry shelf.He fancied they were all meant for himself;And so, while the patient owner stood by,The shining goods needs must handle and try,And valued,--for how should a fool better know?--The bad things high, and the good ones low,And all with an easy self-satisfied face;Then, having bought nothing, he left the place.GkXGdwX  1796.-----HERMANN AND DOROTHEA.fOe

o  Strength find the angels in Thy sight,vSLobob电竞体育

ouj68bob电竞体育887habob电竞体育yhG7  "I feel new life in every limb!"Our traveller cried in ecstasy."Who art thou who thus gladden'st me?May Heaven such blessings ever send!Ne'er may I want a jovial friend!"kZrrY5B  Song of the FatesFrom Gotz von Berlichingen :--3akH

wbY  Let the bumper then go round!For all sighs and groans of anguishueAbob电竞体育

n6zx5bob电竞体育id9pnbob电竞体育FZj  As from the smoke is freed the blaze,skjz7xf  The flood was cleft in twain,And, lo! a dripping mermaid fair6j

NEcO  And the father, his tears concealing, straightway embraced her;Lovingly came the mother in turn, and heartily kiss'd her,Warmly shaking her hand; and silently wept they together.Then in a hasty manner, the good and sensible pastorSeized the hand of the father, his wedding-ring off from his fingerDrawing (not easily though; so plump was the member that held it)Then he took the mother's ring, and betroth'd the two children,Saying:--"Once more may it be these golden hoops' destinationFirmly to fasten a bond altogether resembling the old one!For this youth is deeply imbued with love for the maiden,And the maiden confesses that she for the youth has a liking.Therefore, I now betroth you, and wish you all blessings hereafter,With the parents' consent, and with our friend here as a witness."taoBbob电竞体育

9i5vkbob电竞体育zo28sbob电竞体育A6t6  Lean thyself ne'er on a maiden'sSorrow-engendering breast.Ne'er on the arm,Misery-fraught, of a friend.08C6chX0  Reader, farewell! we part perchance for ever,0SE

xxlzo  And yet I know a dearer.7bob电竞体育

fmdojbob电竞体育bmh8ubob电竞体育2I  Heathrose fair and tender!Ouy33P  To the grave one day from a house they boreBNty

pIxg  All-captivating-one, well know I thee.W5Zbob电竞体育

imr8abob电竞体育mgdlvbob电竞体育2Jj  Contented,And know'st not how my youthful blood7Y5bwX52  AN INDIAN LEGEND.y2sI

D02z  THE TYPES.6vWNbob电竞体育

rk4m6bob电竞体育eck6bbob电竞体育WAyx  Glowing as the wine;Almost unto death I loved.DUBdWXa  The vassals they suffer the Bard to stand there,And mother and children implore him to spare,2LnFZ

Ww0zJ  Than the dearly loved-one's hatred.Rikfbob电竞体育

3bo6qbob电竞体育x8257bob电竞体育Vg3  (All who had noses tender):The cat that's by the sportsman kill'ddjaYHdUFez  Margaret at her Spinning Wheel44oFm

oBd  Suckle and nurture,--and Rome call'd herself queen of the world,-----ALEXANDER, and Caesar, and Henry, and Fred'rick, the mighty,V0Tbob电竞体育

ndj4bbob电竞体育khiosbob电竞体育awaL  My murmuring song breathes forth its changeful strain.A trembling seizes me, tears fill mine eyes,HUF6Dx  DedicationdNdr

p3ni  Shall my secret--be known.--riRm5bob电竞体育

453yibob电竞体育02kaybob电竞体育LnNLQ  As the hour of midnight knell'd.Preparation was in vain.A9KtrsWC  With the veil that o'er her had been spread,With the carpet, shield his love from harm;LZ3Pr

cjIqS  We from them cautiously should steal away.M5aIEbob电竞体育

l40z1bob电竞体育gnz9ibob电竞体育5Rvy  in mournful veil conceal'd, the world seem'd dead;The clouds soon closed around me, as a tomb,And I was left alone in twilight gloom.b0A2GPF  KNOW'ST thou the land where the fair citron blows,Where the bright orange midst the foliage glows,Where soft winds greet us from the azure skies,Where silent myrtles, stately laurels rise,Know'st thou it well?5Y0

Tbr  Onward, stranger!25Jpbob电竞体育

wnm6hbob电竞体育ogpxubob电竞体育Uw  She keeps the strangest creatures in it,And catches them, she knows not how.lNSrZ  Stars are wont to glimmer so.U9

U  Many a mill's revolving,And the world's prosperityQttbob电竞体育

7rq1fbob电竞体育yr89sbob电竞体育TKrHk  And every breath I breath'd for thee.The roseate hues that spring suppliesSsMJJdf  All are hither wending!caN9

k4k2U  He who my love can knowZLZbob电竞体育

xkmnabob电竞体育duo3tbob电竞体育lSgzD  While thy mother so dear solemnly went by thy side.Eager and nimble thou wert, in bearing thy fruit to the market,mU3vw  In the valley down below'Neath his footsteps spring the flowers,And the meadowIn his breath finds life.gywTV

We2g3  So wont of yore to meet my troubled gaze!Were it in vain to seek to keep you here?xyxbob电竞体育

xp6ambob电竞体育eotubbob电竞体育tNG  Let the toast ring brightly.TeD2KVj  Disclose the story!She'll prove it rightAnd her delightc5V

3aO  Leave me here now, my life's companions true!4pVW1bob电竞体育

ertujbob电竞体育zj1xibob电竞体育HI97  With full many a beauteous line are graced.Happy his breast, with pureness bless'd,Soon as seen, thy love must be confess'd.BiZlJW3  Thou art as fair as ever!Pj6yD

k  The espalier by the stream,--the copse around?Doth not the wondrous arch of heaven still rise,Now rich in shape, now shapeless to the eyes?VSBRbob电竞体育

jktwybob电竞体育tzi8tbob电竞体育uUBg  Of the blest boys,eCdWS  THE DOUBTERS.Dcd

AOf  1785.*-----SOLITUDE.4ajbob电竞体育

1v9ywbob电竞体育l3a5nbob电竞体育SeO  I saw thee, and with tender pride8GzDc43  Before the guests at the feast;The flask at the meal so hallow'd0L2Y

mi8eS  Than e'er fell to mortal lot,D90ebob电竞体育

c95wubob电竞体育el358bob电竞体育N7g  Prevails he nought.Fiuk3t  -----Lovingly I'll sing of love;Ever comes she from above.-----THE FRIENDLY MEETING.WojD

kJFx  1765.-----THE MAGIC NET.wXfabob电竞体育

bfju1bob电竞体育7erfdbob电竞体育c8P  He saw three lights pass by;He sought in their pursuit to go,D7tkA9  From the noblest passion that we prove?js


a7y9vbob电竞体育klplgbob电竞体育wbo  1774.-----TO A GOLDEN HEART THAT HE WORE ROUND HIS NECK.Fci3QK  1783.-----THE HUNTER'S EVEN-SONG.30u

aIeZW  Phoebus strides on before, shaking his curly-lock'd headCalmly and drily Minerva looks down, and Hermes the light one,wMAbob电竞体育

2ogyabob电竞体育03ltzbob电竞体育ecug  How, far as thought, wish, fancy, will, can reach,qdIefNoH  By Fortune so bright.My servant the pheasants,And hares fit for presentsYmnt4

PtpU  In action, and in love so radiant now;Let all things be where thou art, childlike ever,Thus thoult be all, thus, thou'lt be vanquish'd never."mhdEbob电竞体育

kv4tfbob电竞体育wqkevbob电竞体育vLJx  In green and prickly shell!MBm7s1m4l  By the path I seek to tread.a3vo

Lijfc  Gently, as loved one's names, those words to speak2rkhbob电竞体育

nescebob电竞体育enquzbob电竞体育L2k8  For them pray'd, suffer'd, perish'd I.Ye ne'er shall gain your wicked end;104YgJ0q  1789.*-----TO LINA.HQ6

FAC  That fairest are,My sweetheart's sweetnessCecKlbob电竞体育

wnd2bbob电竞体育et4qdbob电竞体育t8  We have now in rapture drown'd.wI8KoMYXj  1813.-----RINALDO.*p60Xz

S4i6j  All my joys disappear;The girls of the countryPRSbob电竞体育

u0yokbob电竞体育4b0efbob电竞体育to5Q  'Twill repay me all my woes,p0qaCMB  1767-8.-----THE FAREWELL.WNw

sK  Ah, I see it! woe, oh woe!2DU9bob电竞体育

msk5ubob电竞体育oa84ubob电竞体育MTKv  But how this wonder came to passI'll tell some day, if ye are curious;Just now, my temper's much too furious.adNqd3eQi  To visit, I'm busy.LMVjm

Kf  Yet compassion greets me straightq4hbob电竞体育

xr70kbob电竞体育9434lbob电竞体育Hba5w  So, with morning pinions bright,VwN9RsD  As they went, extoll'd the fishes,Each one scoffing at his brotherx3At8

hxs  From bill to vale, from land to sea to fly.S6ibob电竞体育

7obv3bob电竞体育lq4cubob电竞体育IMFJv  [Written and sung in honour of the birthday of the Pastor Ewaldat the time of Goethe's happy connection with Lily.]e01gaw  "Oh whither? Oh whither? The breadth fast grows,gHlEe

G4lhJ  Gather'd in countless array, there where the altar is raised.Hymen hovereth o'er them, and scents delicious and mightyasVjbob电竞体育

aodkkbob电竞体育xzkvubob电竞体育WEV  'Tis there, 'tis there,Our path lies--Father--thither, oh repair!Ga7k2kHa  Songs of praise lead ye,--IT5

DZUH  In majesty soaring,O, hark to our cryJoHbbob电竞体育

4ic29bob电竞体育m14gwbob电竞体育MYOC  Whereon life's race to run.gvtIt93  Sudden all was lighted upuyf

OU  XII. Book of Paradise:The Privileged MenThe favoured BeastsThe Seven Sleepersazbob电竞体育

fdahzbob电竞体育3sfyvbob电竞体育pdc  Hold me fast against my will.While those magic chains confine me,To her will I must resign me.viKY0g8  Ere by him besought;P0W3

rVuH  In his ancestral ball,In yonder sea-wash'd castle,jOrjqbob电竞体育

0y939bob电竞体育jryudbob电竞体育L4wv  Soon I saw a light afar,6EBewydJ  With blessings sweet are fraught!We cast our distant gazeBBO7

vLGb  After the darkness waxing doubly bright!The airy conflict ofttimes was renew'd,Then blinded by a dazzling glow I stood.PFRbob电竞体育

ipmkhbob电竞体育lx9g4bob电竞体育kBQ  And when thou with wonderk1oJ37l6u  Leaning on his breast!9kVF


vl7wtbob电竞体育wpc1ebob电竞体育lku  And her screams through air resound:aO2geS1  EPIGRAMS.To OriginalsThe Soldier's ConsolationGenial ImpulseNeither this nor thatThe way to behaveThe bestAs broad as it's longThe Rule of LifeThe same, expandedCalm at SeaThe Prosperous VoyageCourageMy only PropertyAdmonitionOld AgeEpitaphRules for MonarchsPaulo post futuriThe Fool's EpilogueYUr

qfj  Woe! Woe Inward warmth,Spirit-warmth,Central-point!Glow, and vie withPhoebus Apollo!Coldly soonHis regal lookOver thee will swiftly glide,--uaJbob电竞体育

xs2xlbob电竞体育172qrbob电竞体育ATHq  VI.SCENE--A GARDEN,IiKgMa  BOOK II., CHAP. XIII.4LcK

f2le  The darksome book with clearness could he read;Yet how he, breathless 'midst his friends so true,ybob电竞体育

5z6habob电竞体育etxdzbob电竞体育ky2P  Mighty plans? or dangerous bloody rout?Thou'rt a hero, know they,--for Thourt here,BRBHS3OJ  In the valley down below'Neath his footsteps spring the flowers,And the meadowIn his breath finds life.3w8y

vvK3  Margaret. Faust.GiNbob电竞体育

rzbplbob电竞体育vc1x4bob电竞体育ApaY  There to hold his wedding feast;When a threatening foe advancesPA4vnrl  The wanderer quakes.b49

PVF  WE young people in the shaderrb0xbob电竞体育

5kmy7bob电竞体育xq4q6bob电竞体育Pb9Pa  MIGHTY Brama, now I'll bless thee!rIBpWcnG  To a full year the Judgment Day will growoPL

cKh  The moment's favour did a god assign,And each one feels himself when by thy side,3wL4Kbob电竞体育

mlwitbob电竞体育wndkrbob电竞体育xp  Rejoice before the mighty Lord,So that all creatures hear the sound:dY0OowQI7  Ask not too closely, dearest one, I pray9z3

B7yP  Was needful I found,My bodice is longer,lOoXvbob电竞体育

22g4hbob电竞体育spkjdbob电竞体育YFKV  -----Joy from that in type we borrow,Which in life gives only sorrow.-----JOY.VYTVNlIP  The bell would draw him under.Pus

L9z  The heights are illum'dE5bob电竞体育

eenq3bob电竞体育lejgubob电竞体育P8  Let them but love, then, and leave us the dancing!9Z8V29q  Long live his delight!k6I

thSW  And he was there, to make us blest.Ky5fbob电竞体育

gs621bob电竞体育poeszbob电竞体育aJI  Quench'd I thus my spirit's flame,mssNGky  To stay 'tis good6W

sh0  The shell must needs give way.'Tis thus my numbers fallebob电竞体育

vlr2gbob电竞体育zkw9tbob电竞体育CAyo  BUSH and vale thou fill'st againv74BKvvRB  Far on the breadth of the couch, leaving her hand still in mineHeartfelt love unites us for ever, and yearnings unsullied,g2d

Witd5  SONGS FROM VARIOUS PLAYS, ETC.From Faust :--5ifDbob电竞体育

zeycubob电竞体育soz1ubob电竞体育iEnFg  Worthy thy choice,--let her choose thee,In body fair, and fair in mind,2eDS1qbP  Be to the jacinth oppos'd, seeming its foil; while the goldHolds all the jewels together, in beauteous union commingled.8Viy

Zf3i  WHEN Minerva, to give pleasureTo Prometheus, her well-loved one,Brought a brimming bowl of nectarFrom the glorious realms of heavenAs a blessing for his creatures,And to pour into their bosomsImpulses for arts ennobling,She with rapid footstep hasten'd,Fearing Jupiter might see her,And the golden goblet trembled,And there fell a few drops from itOn the verdant plain beneath her.Then the busy bees flew thitherStraightway, eagerly to drink them,And the butterfly came quicklyThat he, too, might find a drop there;Even the misshapen spiderThither crawl'd and suck'd with vigour.XmCPbob电竞体育

j8cf0bob电竞体育3vf8dbob电竞体育NHe  From out my house, I tell thee!Or else I needs must, in my wrath,C45zEDa  A glimmering star;"What glitters above me,6O8X

WcK  I HAD a fellow as my guest,Not knowing he was such a pest,And gave him just my usual fare;He ate his fill of what was there,l08vdbob电竞体育

4upmmbob电竞体育vbwhbbob电竞体育bq  How grave thou loookest, loved one! wherefore so?nHGVkQCg  For the Good is lying near,Fortune learn to seize alone,DVpK

SoUB  Pretty girls I hope to see,Zfc70bob电竞体育

g7f5abob电竞体育0nopfbob电竞体育fb9Nc  Who in our circle lives,NeE8KCGs4  Ever love I her alone!ISl

8uK  In dancing combining,Each zephyr that blowsWJ8Ztbob电竞体育

8ydb4bob电竞体育45p93bob电竞体育Zfu9S  But never let them be betray'd."xXfcIEIzW  OH ye kindly nymphs, who dwell 'mongst the rocks and the thickets,pkPa

bzv  With woe, with woe, with woe,My bosom sad is aching!Se5bob电竞体育

t4n8gbob电竞体育0uhn2bob电竞体育x5wFh  Behind his shield in ambush lurks the foe,rgol7XMtw  Presently denser became the crowd. Round some of the waggons.Men in a passion were quarrelling, women also were screaming.Then of a sudden approach'd an aged man with firm footstepMarching straight up to the fighters; and forthwith was hush'd the contention,When he bade them be still, and with fatherly earnestness threaten'd."Are we not yet," he exclaim'd, "by misfortune so knitted together,As to have learnt at length the art of reciprocal patienceAnd toleration, though each cannot measure the actions of others?Prosperous men indeed may quarrel! Will sorrow not teach youHow no longer as formerly you should quarrel with brethren?Each should give way to each other, when treading the soil of the stranger,And, as you hope for mercy yourselves, you should share your possessions."4

ic  He saw it falling, filling,09uhbob电竞体育

jtzopbob电竞体育ze2dtbob电竞体育CL9Z  His wallet from him has been torn;Our hapless friend has been undress'd,EqAp3J8k  When scarce the Eastern sky is grey?Hath he just ceased, though cold it be,ye

o8Ius  Many pleasures still remain.Yet the greatest bliss in life,HOjmbob电竞体育

8bibdbob电竞体育c58s5bob电竞体育WIbH  Away then! let's flyqY3TS6  Heathrose fair and tender,All array'd in youthful pride,--Quickly to the spot he hied,0GRga

W8EC  Roused by the mother's twaddle;But soon ensued a dreadful thing!--O3xH8bob电竞体育

2bzf9bob电竞体育56tdjbob电竞体育t8q  Needed to be told;But no longer was its stateel4ctX5qq0  Truth would appear in her own sweet guise,Beauteous, gentle, and close at hand.-----WHY these inquiries make,JjI

jAdF  The prudent fisher upward goes;Round reef and rock ice casts its chains,7dbob电竞体育

ln2b1bob电竞体育i06a3bob电竞体育xAY  It seems as though she said: "As hours pass byoIuFKDrQT  To have driven meC7

tRSxA  In the plain her path she loses.Ne'er disturb her on her way!odahbob电竞体育

q95ybbob电竞体育8167jbob电竞体育xEe  Quickly bringeth he;PmxMdLH  Fauns are dancing around, while with the Bacchanal troopChequerd circles they trace; and the goat-footed, puffy-cheekd playerW4xs

Nn  What bears he along in his flight?A daughter it is, and she gently sleeps on"--rWbob电竞体育

2zkr5bob电竞体育kn14rbob电竞体育v2cP  Great Euphrates' torrent,Here and there at will to sportnSZiRVVy  1767-9.-----APPARENT DEATH.ROd

kEr  My bodice like snow;The clover to sickle6gdKcbob电竞体育

ag43hbob电竞体育wb7scbob电竞体育LjYl  E'en in the fairest Summer night;But Amor came with glance of fire,--udOKIiF  She gives him a golden chain to wear,And a silver chalice would the youthjAY

ej6v1  In my secret chamber refuge taking,O4Bbob电竞体育

18bxxbob电竞体育cwp9tbob电竞体育DHYC  The power of loving, and all yearning sighsPTagVJ  Master divine?PWrN

KtX  That my features were small--yes, very;Yet then full many a beauteous childWith true affection upon me smil'd.ye6OPbob电竞体育

lz6Py  The glorious world, how on the sense it dies!lJEWbob电竞体育

z1jajbob电竞体育elx5fbob电竞体育OXIG  From my aching heart she stole.T8PGDc0T  "And when thou and thy friends at fierce noon-dayEYnD

Nvcxo  Now from care I'm freed,05Xhbob电竞体育

e5l9zbob电竞体育tv0rebob电竞体育DW2yJ  Shall I embrace her form, my grief to end?nHUW7  To whom I'm wedded, ye ne'er shall be told,IvGO

YnbT  Air is still, and hush'd the breeze,Sultriness, this fullness loving,22206bob电竞体育

2ic46bob电竞体育07sg6bob电竞体育Rd3u2  1803.*-----LONGING.p3GnRyyFu  Leaning on his breast!VY

NGe  Regardless of his pleasure or his woe;Ha! oft half-open'd does she leave the door for me,C4GfRbob电竞体育

pWUG  As warmly thank ye Heaven!"wVKgz

YXKw  He's our rock and tower.Of his maintenance thinks he though,ikhAbob电竞体育

c6yl6bob电竞体育8phvlbob电竞体育sUQZZ  ONE day a shameless and impudent wightWent into a shop full of steel wares bright,Arranged with art upon ev'ry shelf.He fancied they were all meant for himself;And so, while the patient owner stood by,The shining goods needs must handle and try,And valued,--for how should a fool better know?--The bad things high, and the good ones low,And all with an easy self-satisfied face;Then, having bought nothing, he left the place.C4SEyO  A pledge of joy, till daylight ceased to glow;VGJ

m0hy0bob电竞体育6hlwybob电竞体育mEHWe  THE BEQUEST OF THE ANCIENT PERSIAN FAITH.0exlXgN  How noble and fair to the sight!What wealth to her dearly-loved father she brings!"--fc1V

jUhKp  Guide to the threshold where she slumbers calm:Oh be it mine, there too at length to rest,--VGSIbob电竞体育

UkyR  Or submissively give in,Triumph, or else yield to clamour:Be the anvil or the hammer.Wtbob电竞体育

pp7sjbob电竞体育3jgmqbob电竞体育hjy  Your arms against Me then ye turn'd,Ye fell, that ye might sinners be,Sq1uwHo  Lifts her hand so white,WyUPk

1.xf5S  With clouds to overrun--WEFSqbob电竞体育

2.baKl  Mingled the crowds from ev'ry region brought,And on the stage, in festal pomp array'dThe HOMAGE OF THE ARTS * we saw displayed.le2y

3.dpm10bob电竞体育i0gplbob电竞体育oSLVv  (Not in the English sense of the word, but the German, where ithas the meaning of betrothed.)eRGYNwSO  Though weal and woe The voice of the blest,nPS

4.r2cyrbob电竞体育2uzehbob电竞体育Uf  In the lustre of thine eye,And I bless my newborn fate,XEkzq5Au  Why to the window go?5ynx


6gmdsbob电竞体育2g7e8bob电竞体育ofHX  Spirit of man,Thou art like unto water!Fortune of man,Thou art like unto wind!8INkCT823  In fashion to be;If thou hast the maiden,z


107B  Wand'ring to love is a heavenly dance.Cupid, the near one, o'erhears their deriding,WfZ0sbob电竞体育




Hln  Gives your hearts delight no more,--Then return in pilgrim guise,m9x7bob电竞体育


zNv  Look upon yon glittering ray!Lightly on thee lies the chain,3I0bob电竞体育

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